Are you ready to listen to blues by the sea? Then you’ve come to the right place. We play blues right by the sea and we’re good at it! Saxophone, trumpets and everything you could ever dream off hearing will be there at our concerts.

Our popular songs such as “Why is the ocean blue?” and “Mermaids are true” will be presented at every concert so don’t worry – you wont miss them!

Make sure you buy our new album “Water is the most important thing!” that launches in march 2020. It will cost $39 USD for our CD and will be available in all large stores around the entire world.

blues by the sea

Our most popular music instruments are:

  • The Bamboo Slit Drum
  • Cymbal
  • Steelpan
  • Guitar
  • French Horn
  • Nose Flute

If you wanna learn how to play these you should write us an email or contact this page.